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About us

Crime Solutions was formed in 1999 to develop a unique range of security products Evidential Investigative Technologies.

The company has a background of 25 years experience working within the security industry designing, managing and delivering security services.

We have successfully harnessed the power of DNA taking advantages of recent developments and successes within forensic science.

We have designed and patented the use of using synthetic DNA and the safe adhesion / recovery incorporating diagnostic probes developed by LGC to provide a comprehensive suite of evidence based investigative technologies and service support.

Evidenced based investigative technologies can and will transform both the response and investigative services provided by the police and scientific support services, reducing the funding and resources needed by speeding the entire process, from detection to conviction.  SpyralDNA provides the precise technological support to achieve this.

Production and scientific partners

Production partners involved in the development and production of the technology are amongst the very best in their field. Working to the highest standards, they have the respective abilities to meet the demanding standards of this new approach to intruder detection and investigation.

Prof Tom Brown and his team at Oxford and Southampton University / ATDBio
Sir Alec Jeffries and his team at Leicester University

Dr Richard Badge
Dr Jon Wetton

The Laboratory of Government Chemists

Dr Paul Debenham
Dr David French

Crime Solutions Limited

Dr Nicky Thelwell
Dr Steve Millington


The comprehensive management database (SPYRAL Intelligence Platform) (SIP) will provide a live, secure ‘on line’ link for the Police Service to a full ‘evidential file’ of relevant data: 
 Available, literally, at the ‘touch of a button’, in less than one hour of a sample being obtained from a suspect, (following provision a positive SpyralDNA unique colour reading by use of standard UV Products or via passage through UV tunnels) confirmation that the suspect has been in close contact with SpyralDNA detection equipment is readily and incontrovertibly available to the senior investigating officer.  In its turn, this evidence can be used as  confirmation of the suspect’s presence within the protected area at a very specific time and date.

Product Development History: -

  1. Patented the use of synthetic DNA as a forensic marker 2002
  2. International Fire and Security Innovation Award 2003
  3. Product Validation 2003 - 2005 Laboratory of Government Chemist (LGC)
  4. Product Validation 2003 - 2005 Forensic Science Service (FSS)
  5. Patented the method of forensic marker adhesion 2004
  6. European Innovation Development project (Grant €1.3 million) 2005 – 2010
  7. Product Validation (Sir Alec Jeffry's Genetics Dept) 2010 - 2014
  8. Secured by Design (ACPO) Accreditation 2014 (BSIA form 121) (PAS 620)
  9. LGC / ParaDNA Analysis Platform 2015
  10. LGC Product optimisation 2015 – 2016
Unique Attributes: -

Patented technology, safe, reliable, fit for purpose evidential recorder, improves efficiency, saves costs, simple addition to existing security services


  • One single test assay for all SPYRAL applications
  • Sealed and ready for use with the ability to identify 64 billion individual samples.
  • Unique patented sample collector suitable for all collection methods
  • Designed to securely integrate and seal within the test assay for immediate analysis or secure dispatch.
  • Two instrument choice desk or field providing complete target identification and secure key code (45 minutes)
  • Local analysis
  • The system will analyze a sample providing a unique reference code. This is the secure key to the SPYRAL Intelligence platform which discloses the full evidential file and product history

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