Multi Layered Security Solution

Introducing Spyraldna

Spyraldna is the biggest breakthrough in crime prevention in the last 30 years. This was the view of a current Crime Prevention Expert when appraising the Spyraldna solution. In these current

times of stretched Police resources there is a need for additional support to assist with crime prevention, detection and prosecution. Spyraldna fulfils these needs.

Cost Effective

Spyraldna can be integrated with current alarm, CCTV and access control systems, enhancing your security protection.


We support the Police and the customer throughout the entire process. From prevention to prosecution.


The evidential file is shared ‘live’ with the Police allowing them to make informed choices to match their resources.


The Spyraldna solution provides multiple layers of security protection enhancing traditional alarm systems with visual and audio verification, dispersal sensor and a unique DNA forensic spray. The combination of these layers, synchronised within one system, provides a powerful assistance to the investigative services by providing an evidential file.

The Spyraldna solution operates 24 hours a day. Traditional alarm systems are only activated when the building is locked and unoccupied. With 24 hour pro-active protection, staff are constantly protected from threats on their safety.

Traditionally an alarm is activated, either externally or internally. This is where standard systems hand the problem over to the occupier and/or the monitoring centre who may in turn hand it over to the stretched resources of the Police.

The point of activation is where Spyraldna starts on the pathway to prosecution. As a result of the notification, staff at our specially trained Alarm Receiving Centre(ARC) are notified of sensor activation and begin to investigate utilising both visual and audio verification.

The dispersal sensor containing the unique DNA spray, can be activated either pro-actively or reactively. The ARC has the ability to communicate directly with the Police or security responders, allowing a more effective, timely and appropriate response.

An evidential file is created every step of the way. Video footage of the incident is highlighted, audio files are retained and details of the unique DNA marker which pinpoints the offender to that exact location are all stored securely in the Spyraldna Encrypted Evidence Database(SEED). This evidential file is passed over to the Prosecution Services.

Intruder Detection

Traditionally this is the first and last stage of a security system. However, at the point of activation is where Spyraldna starts on the pathway to prosecution. The Spyraldna solution can be retrofitted to existing security alarm systems or incorporated into new systems, enhancing the overall security protection.

Visual Verification

The Spyraldna solution can be integrated with new or existing CCTV networks and allows verification with the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) of the presence of an offender resulting in Police attendance being requested. Evidential imagery is collected and stored in the Spyraldna Encrypted Evidence Database (SEED).

Audio Verification

The two-way audio can be used pro-actively or reactively. This allows the ARC to deliver live security alerts to both the site and the offender. The two-way audio element also allows the end user to engage directly with the ARC, enabling them to pass on urgent and detailed information in relation to the incident, informing the relevant responders.

Dispersal Sensor

The sensor is alerted to a potential offender when they enter the outer area of the dispersal zone. Once in the dispersal zone, the unique Spyraldna is sprayed guaranteeing to mark the offender. The sensor captures the pre and post moments of the offence, sending this to the SEED as part of the evidential file.

Unique DNA Spray

Our unique DNA spray, which incorporates an orange UV marker and smell, tags not only the clothes the offender is wearing but the offender themselves. Spyraldna has over 64 billion variants. We have been accredited by Secured By Design, one of their aims being to design out crime.

Forensic Support

A swab of the unique DNA spray can be analysed and verified in an independent laboratory. Spyraldna provides full forensic support for investigators, allowing
for an effective, efficient and cost effective forensic solution. The DNA is visible under UV light with a unique trackable scent.

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